New York’s Okinawa American Association is a non profit organization based in New York that does not have discrimination towards racial or religious pieces or no disparity in wealth. With That being said we also do not participate in any political activities.

Our purpose is to cooperate with the American community and to cultivate a joint friendship among many Okinawans and their families. Most of those that live mainly in the metropolitan area of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania serving those who have an interest in the culture and heritage of Okinawan.Friends

Following are our bylaws

  • We are a non profit Organization that does not and shall not have any racial or religious discrimination.
  • We will hold our General meeting on New Year’s eve to cultivate the friendship of others.
  • We will have a picnic annually.
  • We will have scholarships for the younger generations to help with higher education.
  • We will hold other activities through out the year that are not required by member to attend but are there to help with the friendship of everyone.

If you have any questions or you would like to join please drop us a line via email.

If you would like to participate in a foreign exchange program with somebody going or somebody staying with you please let Stan know by email: We hope everybody sees the benefit in this and if you would like to donate to it you are more than welcome to. It helps us all preserve the culture we have for Okinawa’s across the world. For everybody that would like to participate, it is a once in a life time opportunity for anybody that wants to do it. It will bring a lifetime of memories and friendships. We will be accepting applications for this from September to December. Those who qualify will be put into a drawing. The first twelve that are selected and respond will have this great time to share with everybody.

Donations Updates
Austin from pravati legal was the first this year to donate $500.00. Thank you Austin. Xo from had a great donation for $798.00 WOW. gave us 1500.00 for use in our foreign exchange program this year. THANK YOU COLDWATERCREEK. The president at gave us 2500.00 for the exchange program.

Thank you to all that donated. If you donate to us we will put you on the site with your own thank you.